About Perspectives

fruit basket

A large basket of fruits had been laid on a table in a spacious room.

The mother passed by and immediately called the maid asking whether these fruits were washed thoroughly before bringing them out to the Guests, “I don’t want the kids to eat dirty fruits and get sick”

The artist came along and saw it. He stood there for a while looking at it and then finally he whipped out his pencil and papers and started to draw a beautiful sketch for his future painting.

A chemist passed by afterwards. He closed his eyes in ecstasy and took a deep breath. “Oh, this fragrance is heavenly. The mixture of apple, banana and Peach with a hint of pomegranate…this is my next perfume creation.”

The next person to come by was the gambler. He looked at the table angrily and then yelled in a booming voice, “who put these stupid fruits here? Come and clear the table so we can play a game of cards.”

A spiritual man followed…he smiled and silently said a prayer, “Thank you Lord for providing us with the sweet bounty of the earth.”

Then a physician came along…he thought, “Finally some people have the sense to eat healthy foods”


Even an engineer stopped, grabbed his chin and went into deep thinking. Then he started pointing his finger to the light and fruit arrangement…


Finally a child arrived…he ran to the table grabbed an apple, took a large bite and as the sweet juices streamed out of his little mouth, he went away happily calling his friends, “come, there are lots of fruits here.”


If you walk into this room, what would YOU think? Looking at the same situation, people have different perspectives. Is there anybody who is concerned about God’s perspective?

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