2 Corinthians 9:6-15

  • It does not involve money only but has a wider concept.
  • Giving should be with generosity “do unto others as you would like God to do unto you”
  • Giving out of your own necessities, rather than your left overs.
  • Give what the person needs, rather than just what you want to give. What is a pair of shoes to someone who has no feet?
  • A gift says a lot about the giver. Mannerism. Thought pattern. Sensitivity. Interests.
  • Some things cannot be taken. They can only be given. Love and forgiveness.
  • Do you give, in order to get something in return? Or to pay back for a previous favor? A gift by definition means a free willing offering.
  • Examine the gifts of God, which continue on a daily basis.
  • Now, examine your own giving?
  • To the worthy and the unworthy? Who decides worthiness? There must be a wise distribution of the resources. Channel your charities. So as to give the neediest and those whom you know cannot be reached by other givers.
  • God be praised.
  • Giving to GOD is like putting money in the bank. It remains there as a balance in your name, more like a CD which shall be cashed at retirement to heaven.
  • God Gives us all, abundantly and does not upbraid anybody. From the time we are born to the time we leave this world. Then we shall have to give an account about all these gifts and how we handled it. Like you watch how your child handles the little allowance you give to him, whether wisely or to his detriment.
  • Are we satisfied by the gifts of God? Or do we constantly ask for more? Particularly we ask for the wrong things.