Bastardization of Nations


In Germany, it was the Nazis

In Russia it was the Bolsheviks

In America it is the liberals

And in Egypt it is the islamists

If you can see it, the trend is very clear.. they all used the same strategies and tactics.. they all started wrapped up in noble and lofty banners like equality, tolerance, diversity and/or bogus claims of superiority and even religious zeal, when in fact they all shared their disdain for others, condescending attitude towards anyone different from themselves, and absolute animosity to any and all Christian principles. However the most significant criterion they shared was how they approached the process of bastardizing their respective nation.. they all started by.. education.

The reshaping of the education system to suit the agenda of transforming the whole nation into the image they designed, was always the starting point. It always lead to disastrous results on many levels. The intent of this article is not to discuss the disasters of the past, which are very clear for any objective observer to see, but rather the exposing of the current dangers which seem to repeat the tragedies of yesteryears …

The majority of America’s top Universities are extremely wealthy. Most people do not know that. Especially the students who are suffering the brunt of a failed education system. On the one hand they have no way to escape from the shackles of student loans, and on the other hand they have to endure the indignation of graduating with useless degrees unfit to prepare them for the rigorous challenges of modern work place. All this happens while they are being indoctrinated into blaming all their woes on the capitalist society they live in, because it is unfair, cruel, and worthy of loathing. Hate and envy are powerful tools used by liberals to promote this agenda. So, while the schools are getting wealthier every day, by endowments and government support and subsidies, the liberal professors are getting tenured and rich, at the same time the tuitions are getting higher and higher and the education standard in America is falling below third world countries standards. TV programs and various internet outlets make fun of the American students everyday when they ask them on camera about simple math problems, geography or history common knowledge. It is utter shame, when all concerns of these students are which rap singer is more popular, which football player has a better haircut, or which Hollywood actor represents their point of view !! is this the reason Many American companies are desperately trying to hire graduates from India, China and other countries instead of American graduates .. after all they are better educated and come in cheaper too !! Meanwhile, the American students are more concerned about safe places to vent their emotional distress about their own country .. how did this happen?

Check the text books and the curriculums … and then check the college staff..

In Egypt the islamists are also trying to reprogram the mentality of the youth through the education system. It was exposed lately on the TV screens of several channels, how the text books of thousands of students are stuffed with principles of wahabism and jihadist ideology. These books taught in prestigious islamic  institutions are proclaiming and justifying beating women, killing apostates and non muslems, murdering gays and even cannibalizing human flesh of non believers. The Egyptian government must be aware of these books but seems to be powerless to oppose these flagrant teachings because it is all done under the banner of islamic teaching.

We are sorely aware of the catastrophic results of the Nazi and communist doctrines … the whole world suffered wars, and economic disasters because of them. Millions of people were killed and countless numbers maimed … whole cities were turned into rubble and economies were totally ruined.

Are we ready to repeat the history and suffer the same pain again?

America leads the world.. and Egypt is the center of gravity in the middle east..

We live in the year 2016, the middle of the second decade of the twenty first century. This is supposed to be the highest point of human progress. We have drones and clones, and we have internet and space stations. Yet, we are quickly devolving into anarchy, violence and sudden spurts of mysterious diseases. Most people are going about their lives unwilling to think about, or even acknowledge the existence of an eminent danger to our very existence. Why?

There are many reasons why this is the case, but the most compelling reason is the fear of being labeled and stigmatized as racist, sexist, islamophobic or any other label used by the violent liberal segment of society. This is how they demolish any resistance to their plans. When their slogans and rhetoric fails to intimidate the opposite side, they resort to riots, destruction of property, burning and looting which almost always succeeds to shut down any opposing efforts. The pressure exerted on conservative and traditional people – especially in colleges – is almost as horrible as the pressure wielded on Christians to abandon their faith by the barbaric islamic hordes past and present. In the past – and present – Christians who refused to yield to such oppression were martyred in various horrible ways. Their sacrifices kept the torch of Christianity well lit and bright for the ages. The principles of true equality, justice and love have been preserved and are still the standard to measure all other social concepts in all nations whether they adopt Christianity itself or not. It shall be imperative for conservatives now to offer a number of such martyrs who shall stand in the face of overwhelming intimidation and violence to preserve the social and economic integrity of their nations before they go the way of previous nations. If they fail, world war II shall be a like a picnic compared to the catastrophe resulting from the rise of liberals and islamists.