Michael                       youngest brother

William                       eldest brother

Zaki                            middle brother

Rebecca                     sister

Ireeny                         friend

Benjamin                   friend works with the brothers

Police officer.

Scenes can be split scenes or regular with fast change

Also it is written to facilitate transforming it into a video or movie set

There are scenes and dialogue suitable for adults and guided children. Especially suited for youth.





Benjamin busy working on the wires of a car radio, while the stereo system is loudly playing music. Enters William

William          how many times I told you to shut this stupid thing off. Shut it off. Don’t You get a headache.

Benjamin        Oh yeah, sorry man, take it easy, I did not see you coming.

William          of course, that’s why you are fooling around. What are you doing?

Benjamin        fooling around? Are you kidding me.? I am going crazy trying to fix this Old piece of junk.

William          what old piece of junk?

Benjamin        this  … Alfred’s radio. For his Pontiac. And anyway there are no customers outside.

William          Do you hear this. (Horn of a car) get out of here and make some money, You air head.

Benjamin        all right all right, don’t yell. (On his way out) by the way. Peter called a short while ago.

William          peter, you mean… air head, wait, what did he say? Youuuuuu… if Only you have a brain???

William opens a drawer gets some papers and checks them against papers from his briefcase. Makes a quick phone call:

William          Hello, give me Samuel please. Ok, when he comes back please tell him the appointment with peter and William for the gas station contract is on tonight as he requested. Peter called to confirm too? Excellent. Thanks.

He puts down the file in the briefcase, and starts to dial another number when his brother Zaki walks in. Zaki looks and talks like a thug.

Zaki                 Of course busy as usual, counting your stocks and bonds.

William          is it raining slime this forsaken day. What doom and gloom are bringing now. Why are here????

Zaki                 Oh, brother. You are all heart. This is the kind of brother any man dream of. Man we are flesh and blood.

William          you.? You are the worst disaster that ever happened in our family.

Zaki                 God bless you too.

William          bless me or not, that’s none of your business. What do you want? Money. No way. Finished, fini,  nada… mafish. So why are you here? Why?

Zaki                 Ok… ok … ok, take it easy. Don’t strain your heart; you may get a heart attack and make us rich, in the process. Just kidding. Listen, do I have to hear this song and dance every time I come to ask for a few dollars.

William          you don’t have to listen, you don’t have to hear it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME. Period. Just turn around and get out.

Zaki                 you are kicking me out? Of course, who can blame you? God gave youSo much money, you don’t know what to do with it, and left the poor guys like me, who really appreciate the value of money, penniless, hungry for a crust of bread to eat. Begging for a hand out from a heartless man like you

William          hungry? Penniless? That’s why you spent your night and day, in the race Tracks, or the night clubs, in the casinos gambling or drunk somewhere in Some God forsaken place, don’t you ever feel ashamed of yourself? You Look like a dumb bull like you stuffed your brain with some bologna. Go find a Job and do something useful with your worthless life.

Zaki                 job? Well. I used to work for you here. Didn’t I? Then you kicked me out .

Now you are blaming Me.? Are you for real???

William          I have never seen a more audacious bum. You stole my money!!!!! What do you want me to do? Give you a medal? Every shift you worked, the income was short at least a 100 dollars. May be I should have given you a raise? Right?

Zaki                 well, in fact I am not one who can work in this kind of, excuse my French, dirty job. Gas and grease and… You know. If I should work, it must be something to suit my classy nature.

[Car horns and noise outside]

William          Oh no, Benjamin, you brainless monkey. What am I going to do……?

[William goes out]

[Zaki rushes to the desk; searches in it then gets the file out and reads]

Zaki                 unbelievable. Two hundred and fifty thousand …. (He looks in the briefcase and finds stacks of cash)

William          (still outside) I told you finish the gas pumps first. Then go to the repairs. We have to manage somehow until Jimmy returns from his vacation. (He walks to the door, then while talking goes out again) by the way what did Peter say?

William          (walks back in blabbering) a will, a will. Must go with new contract. As if I am going to die tomorrow? (Looks at Zaki then laughs) you know? The lawyer is right. May be before I sign any contract or any other paper now, I must sign a will, so if anything happens to me, a bum like you would not touch a penny of my money.

Zaki                 you want to be as despicable in your death as you are in your life. What kind of a miserable brother are you?

William          well, if I am so despicable, why don’t you take a hike out of here, and save both of us the agony of having to look at your ugly face?

Zaki                 Ok, my dear brother, this is the last time you shall ever have to see my ugly face , except/

William          No exceptions. Get out. (The phone rings) Hello. Hi, honey. Yes. How is everything going? Sure. … Yes, perfect. the favors we saw together would not be available in time for the wedding. yeah. Yeah. There is no time for this now honey. …. So what did your dad say? Ok, I have no objection, you know me, it’s not going to make much difference. Well, yes, don’t worry. It is only six thousand dollars, so what is the big deal? Just make sure the RSVPs are in. honey there’ll be no time, the flight is at eleven o’clock. Ok bye.   (Hangs up)

Zaki                 this must be the lucky bride of the rich man.

William          you are still here. I thought you were in your way out.

Zaki                 I am leaving now. I only need a few hundred dollars. From my big brother.

William          big or small. You need? I need you to disappear from the face of the earth. Neither of us is getting what he needs. Just please disappear. Vanish. Vamoose. I have no time for your gimmicks.

Zaki                 I am not going to move an inch without this money. This is just five hundred dollars. It is a drop in your ocean of cash. And without it I shall go to jail my brother.

William          jail. You, go to jail, this would be the best thing to have ever happened today. I would not have to put up with your stench for a while. Oh, thank God, that is wonderful news. And you want me to bail you out. Why ? You think I am crazy?

Zaki                 William. I am serious. This money must be paid to night.

William          so what? It is not my problem. Leave me alone.

Zaki                 William, this is the last time I ever ask you for money.

William          (laugh) how many times have I heard that before. I told you last time. That was it. No more.

Zaki                 William, please, one/

William          (interrupt) what do you think I am? I work hard all my life day and night. So you can come here everyday and pick my pocket. Today it is five hundred, Last time it was thousand, next time another thousand. Why should I give You any money? Let me tell you something. From now on, never, ever, Come and ask me for money. It was my fault, from the beginning, that I ever gave you anything. I encouraged you, because I thought it would help straighten up your life, in stead you got used to these hand outs. You are no man. You have no honor. No dignity.

Zaki                 please, make it a loan?  Yes a loan? How about that?

William          (pumps his fist on the desk) you think you are going to con me. I outfoxed  A hundred business men. I can chew ten dogs like you and spit them out. How many times have you taken a LOAN? How many times did you pay  Back? … All right. When you pay the previous loans?  You can come and Borrow some more.

Zaki                 you mean there is no use, no hope you may/

William          no hope, no money, no freebees… the bank is closed. Ok. Now go Get out? Go and never come again… ever…..


Scene II

[Outside the gas station. Michael parks his car and goes through the repair shop]

Michael           Benjamin, where are you?

Benjamin        well if it is not the third brother?

Michael           I see William’s car in his parking spot? Why did he come now?

Benjamin        how do I know? Your beloved brother Zaki is inside too!!!

Michael           Oh no. must be a lot of fireworks inside.

Benjamin        call it an inferno. I hear them screaming at each other all the way back here.

Michael           that’s terrible. I was hoping to remind William of my school books.

Benjamin        go ahead join them, and let us enjoy the freak show.

Michael           I have to go in. /

Benjamin        whatever you do, don’t be late this evening for your shift, or else if your  Brother does not kill you, I will.

Michael           you know I never make you wait. [Walks toward the door.]

Scene III

[Same as scene one]

Enters Michael. and hears William screaming at Zaki.

Michael           Good morning William. Why are you screaming? (Sees Zaki) Ooooh, you are here my dear brother. How are you?

Zaki                 (slowly) I am fine. Seems that your brother William is having a bad day. But of course, his wedding is three weeks away, and he must have to spend a million dollars on the celebration, and yet he is too stingy to Save his flesh and blood for a stinking 500 dollars.

William          you know, if you don’t leave right now, I am going to come and throw you Out myself.

Zaki                 Oh, throw me out? All right, come on let us see who is going to throw the other out?


[William moves aggressively towards so Michael stands between them.]

Michael           hey come on guys, what are you doing. You gone mad???

[Zaki stares at both, then spit on them and goes out slowly]

Michael           William, what is happening here?

William          why, is it the first time you see your brother Zaki? Every time He shows up here, the same tragedy is repeated over and over. But wait Should not you be in college now? You have the evening shift today, right?

Michael           yeah, and today is off at school. I saw your car, so I stopped to see you on my way to church.

William          as if I want to see any of you. And what are going to do in church? I said many times before. You have to take care of your studying. Better than this nonsense of your church. At least to be able to make a decent living when you graduate. You are graduating next semester.

Michael           I do take care of my studying. But sticking to my church is at least better than spending my spare time in a night club? Don’t you think? You see, we have just started to practice for a new play about St. Mary.

William          Play? It is a non stop drama in that church of yours. They never stop fighting. Let them first stop cannibalizing each other, may be God will have mercy on us and them.

Michael           listen, enough of that. Let’s get serious. We do need some donations/

William          what? What kind of a miserable day this is? Everybody wants to take money from me? Who told you that I am the welfare officer. Money, give me money, give me money…..

Michael           what are you talking about? I said it is a donation for the church. Well, what then if I have to remind you of the money for my school books. I told you about it ten days ago…

William          [screaming] what books? I gave you the money already.

[Benjamin walks in and hesitates]

Michael           when did you give it to me? Remind me??

William          you want to take the money twice, you swine. You want to fleece me like your brother. [Addressing Benjamin] what do you want?

Michael           what? Fleece you?

Benjamin        I need change of a hundred for the customer.

William          give me. [To Michael] play the idiot now. I don’t buy into these acts. You cannot con me like that. I can read you like an open book, read right through this charade.

Michael           [furious] play the idiot? That really does it. Why should I try to swindle you? I try to con you out of a few dollars? Why? Why? To get $130. I work hard at night and study during the day so I would never be a burden on anybody. I wish to God, I finish school soon and never have to ask you for anything in my life. You know, I don’t want the money. I shall borrow it from any friend. I don’t need this kind of abuse. This is almost half my weekly pay.

[Benjamin walks out]

William          Bravo, clever, a good performance. You mean to tell me you are sure I never gave this money to you before.

Michael           you want to drive me crazy? [Start towards the door as to leave]

William          Michael, wait. Please pardon me. My nerves are really frayed. It must be your brother Zaki. Every time he shows up here, he manages to wreck my whole day. Listen, as long as you remember that I did not give it to you, I know you wouldn’t lie. I shall give it to you tonight when I come.

Michael           you are coming here tonight? Why?

William          I have an appointment with Samuel and Peter, to finalize the New York deal.

Michael           you mean the gas station in uptown NY.

William          yes, you see when this contract is signed it shall make a huge difference. This will be the biggest contract I ever signed.

Michael           oh, wow. Pray that God will bless you. Congratulations. Oh, no it is already twelve noon; I must run to the church. [Hurries to the door]

William          Michael, here, take this [gets him some money from his pocket without counting it] it is the little donation you asked for.

Michael           [counting the money] this is $40, oh, William, thank you so much, I shall bring you a receipt.

William          never mind. Remind me tonight if I forget again, I shall get you $200  for the books.

Michael           oh but the books cost only $130.

William          it is ok. You shall keep the rest in case you need additional books.

Michael           thank you my brother, now I must run to church, if you’ll excuse me please.

[William sits at the desk and starts writing then dials the phone]

William          Hello, this is William Mansour. Yes. May I speak to Peter please? Hey Peter. What is the matter? …..yes, yes. This is ready. I took care of that. Listen, he shall sign the contract tonight. Why not? Oh, of course. Sure, exactly. Yes and I took care of that as well. Pete, I want all this madness to be over by the time I go to Hawaii for the honeymoon. I want it to be a real honeymoon, understand? Thanks man. ….. Come on now, later, later, I have no time now for this will bologna. I am not going to die tomorrow. When I come back from Hawaii, we shall take care of this. Just take care of this contract for now, of course, yes, yes yes I said OK. See you tonight. [Hangs up]

[Straighten up his papers in the briefcase getting ready to leave. Ireeny enters.]

Ireeny              Benjamin, where…..oh, hello William.

William          hello Ireeny, how are you. Looking for your flaky brother.

Ireeny              I am looking for Ben, yes. Did you see him?

William          he is supposed to be outside working. Where did he go now?

Ireeny              I looked in the repair shop and he was not there either.

William          may be he went to buy something next door.

Ireeny              I just wanted to let him know I am going to study with Rebecca. We shall study math. Together.

William          Rebecca, studying. That will be the day.  And math. Of all things. I know for a fact that Michael tried to explain some math to her many times. But she seems to hate it with passion. Her brain only accepts music and the groceries, and lots of clothes that she buys and never wears.

Ireeny              well we shall encourage each other to get over math.

William          honestly, I wished that Rebecca would have been any thing like you, serious and hard working. Taking care of, and respecting her brothers like you take care of Ben. And above all, intelligent and always ahead in her studies.

Ireeny              thanks William, but each of us has her merits. Some people prefer, the light hearted and witty girl like Rebecca, she is kind and funny and know every song on the radio. Frankly, I try to learn a lot of things from her.

William          Nooooooo. Please, Rebecca is my sister, I know her well. Don’t try to learn anything from her.

Benjamin        [enters, with a sandwich] ouch, you are here. Both my nemesis.

Ireeny              [laughs] I just came to tell you I shall be at Rebecca’s house to study.

Benjamin        yeah, yesterday with Rebecca, today with Rebecca, everyday with Rebecca…. What is the story of Rebecca, sis.

William          hey.. hey.. hey. Watch your tongue you bozo.

Benjamin        eh, well. I guess I have to shut up.

William          you’d better. Or else. Come on Ireeny I shall give you a ride if you like. And you [to Ben] if I find you left the station unattended, for a single minute, off with your brainless head.

[William and Ireeny leave laughing]

Ben                  are you kidding. Not one minute. Say an hour, or two. I’ll let Zaki come and cover for me. [Blasts the radio while a car horn sounds outside.] oh boy I wish I can have some money, to get away from this miserable life.

Scene IV

[Same as scene I at night]

Ben                  oh my goodness, this day seems to never end. I hope Michael comes on time to take over.

William          [walks in]        hey, are you asleep?

Ben                  You? Well. Frankly I wish to fly to bed. When shall Jimmy come back from his vacation? I don’t know how to handle this Chevy in the shop. I cannot get it done.

William          Jim will be here Monday. I thought you are happy with overtime.

Ben                  of course, the money is good. But. You know…..

William          yeah, the money is good but you don’t want to work for it. Bum.

Ben                  no, I mean, well Michael must be on his way. I shall go take a shower and stretch a little. Listen, as long as you are here, why don’t you take over from me and spare me these few minutes. Listen, did Samuel call you? He seems to be stuck in the Blizzard in Philadelphia, he’ll not come to meet you tonight.

William          yes I know Peter called me on my cell phone, just as I was parking my car here.

Ben                  so, you’ll take over from me?

William          you hand it over to Michael. He knows what to do as usual. I am going to get a bite, because I did not have a chance to eat anything all day.

Ben                  please William. I shall go to get you something to eat, while you check the receipts. You are already here man. You know this takes a long time.

William          [slowly] well, ok. Here, [gives him some money.] get me a ham and cheese and a soda. Make sure to lock the door to the repair shop.

Ben                  sure. I’ll take your car. [Snatches the keys from the desk and runs out]

William          another delay for that contract. [he takes the folder from the desk and put it in the briefcase ..then starts to look over the receipts, and cash …the sound of a clanking is heard from the repair shop] this bum forgot to lock the door.

[William walks through the door to the repair shop, then Zaki walks in.] 

Zaki                 Ben, Listen… ooh.. No one here. I cannot believe it. The briefcase. I don’t see his car out …He left it since the morning? Ben must be here somewhere. [He tries to open the briefcase] wow, that’s my lucky day. Here is the contract I saw in the morning. And what is that? A will. Finally. Everything will go to that woman after he gets married. Well a will, that means…????

William          [walks in] what the….? And a thief too. You want to rob me too? I must put you in jail. I am the one who shall put you in jail. [Runs to the phone, while a confused Zaki tries to stop him]

Zaki                 take it easy man, slow down. Cool down, before I hurt you bad.

William          hurt me bad. You … you hurt me bad. I am going to squash you like an insect. You rob me and threaten me. [He tries to run out crying for help]

Zaki                 [stops him] listen, I don’t want to hurt you. But if you don’t shut up right now…. [They struggle and William jabs him so Zaki grabs him and shut his mouth.]  I am going to let go, only if you give me five thousand dollars right now. Don’t even think that you can fool me, you call the cops, and I shall finish you off. You don’t know me. I can finish you off and no one shall ever find you. You hear. [He slowly releases him]

William          jail, the likes of you belong in jail. [William tries to run to the door. Zaki catches him and grab him again, then brandishes a knife]

Zaki                 what do you say? You are going to come to your senses now? Many a stubborn fool ended up in the gutters. Are you a fool?

William          [scared] a knife?  A knife Zaki? You want to kill me?

Zaki                 jail? Knife? What is the difference…my   brother? Both are the same.

William          Ok, ok. I’ll let you go. I’ll not call the cops.

Zaki                 good. And the ten thousand dollars.

William          ten thousand. Eh, you said five.

Zaki                 I’ll take the income of today. Just add a little from this briefcase and .. you see I shall accept whatever is in the safe?

William          here, take the income from today, that’s enough. Now go. Go here [while giving him the money jumps to grab the knife screaming] a robber, a swindler, and murderer. You want to swallow me alive, you cannibal dog. My sweat and my blood of all these years.

[They are fighting over the knife. William screams as the knife is dug into his body. Then falls down in disbelief]

Zaki                 [checks him out] what the…/ you miserable worthless stinking miser. Oh, no, he’s dead. Dead? What am I going to do now? Slow down. Slow down Zaki. Think. The prints. Yes. [He methodically cleanses the knife still in his brother’s body and wipes out the briefcase off any prints] what else did I touch? Oh the money. [He collects all the money then stealthily walks out]

The scene shows a dark unrecognizable shadow looking over from the corner as Zaki leaves the place.

Scene V

Outside the gas station in the dark 

[Michael parks his car, comes out whistling a tune, while Zaki is stealthily getting out. Zaki sees Michael. But Michael is carrying his work clothes and don’t see Zaki. There is a shadow of an unclear person watching at the background.]

Michael           this is strange. This is William’s car. He never parks here. Willy. Ben. Where is everybody? [Walks to the office door.]

Scene VI

[Inside same as scene I, with William lying dead on the floor with the knife in his body.] 

Michael           Willy, Ben/ William? Oh my God. William? [Rushes to him tries to revive him catching the knife, pulling it out,] oh no, William, how can this happen? You are not dead. No please God, no William. [Crying] I cannot believe this. Who would/

Zaki                 [walks in casually] hey Benjamin. [Pretends to be shocked] oh no. what the…..what have you done? Michael, this is your brother. Are you crazy?

Michael           are you mad. Someone attacked William, he is dead. We have to call the cops. Oh, God, this is a disaster. [He moves towards the phone]

Zaki                 [stops him] call the cops now; they are going to arrest you. Don’t you see?

Michael           see what? I came in and found him dead. What are you talking about?

Zaki                 I saw you with the knife in your hand. Stop, stop listen, I am your brother. I cannot let them arrest you. You must run. Get out of here. Now.

Michael           [furious] you are really nuts. Why should I run? I did not kill my brother; I would never hurt him or anybody else for that matter. They will have to check everything. We must call the cops before the killer will have a chance to get away.

Zaki                 you are a murderer and a stupid one at that. I am going to call the cops, and let’s find out why you killed him? Of course using religion and the church as a cover. Quite clever, eh? [He dials the phone]

Michael           [furious, grabbing the knife and threatening Zaki] you worthless creature, you are the one who should have been dead. The world would have been a lot better without your filth.

Zaki                 [smiling cunningly] you want to kill, me like you killed your brother. You must be mad. [Speaking on the phone, while grabbing his brother’s arm holding the knife] yes, I want to report a murder, I just walked in and I caught the killer in the act, yes, please hurry… [He pushes his brother to the floor.

Michael           [falls next to William] William, oh my brother, you were so full of life this morning, planning for your wedding, and your honeymoon in three weeks. It was going to be the most wonderful wedding, now ….. May God rest your soul in heaven, [Crying]

Scene VII

[The previous scene fades out, then the new scene in the living room of Michael, with a prominent picture of the crucified JESUS in the middle. And under it a picture of the dead William, the door bell is ringing, Rebecca, appears and goes to open the door so that Zaki would come in.]

Zaki                 not even a nice smile, a kind “hello my brother Zaki” nothing.

Reb                  Zaki, I am so tired. What do you want?

Zaki                 I just brought some shopping for you. I know you must need a little money now at least until this storm passes by. I am still your brother and I want you to know that I care.

Reb                  oh really? Since when? Do you think I shall ever forget that you refused to bail out your brother, did you want him to stay in jail with the murderers and the criminals. Don’t forget that the money you are entrusted with now is also our money. Try to keep this in your thick skull.

Zaki                 you are going to sing this song again. You are forgetting that he killed his brother. Our brother. One like that you still keep him here in the house. I cannot understand how he has the nerve to look any of us in the eye.

Reb                  I am warning you, right now. You will never dare to say these words again in front of me? You hear me? Michael did not kill any body. You understand?

Zaki                 you sound so sure? As if you already know who killed your brother. Well if that is the case, tell me who’d’ done it. Who else was caught with the knife in his hand?

Reb                  I don’t know. It might be a burglar, a robber, who knows? But what is a mystery today will be uncovered tomorrow. There is God watching over us. He never lets his children down.

Zaki                 God? Oh yeah, I forgot about THAT. You seem to forget that your beloved Michael attacked me and tried to kill me too when I caught him in the act. Remember.

Reb                  I cannot understand the wisdom of God. If there is any body worthy of dying like a dog, it would be you. Yet you are here spaying your poison all over the place, while good innocent people go on to suffer.

Zaki                 just because I told the truth, you call me a poisonous dog.

Reb                  truth? What truth? Did you see him stick the knife into William’s body?

Zaki                 No, but I saw him pull it out and ready to hit again, until I stopped him, but it was too late. The cops, found his prints. No other prints were found. And above all he attacked me with the same knife. So, tell me my educated sister, what does this all add up to? Besides Benjamin, testified that William was fighting with Michael that same morning about money. And he heard William saying that Michael is fleecing him, cheating him about the school books. You know that Benjamin and Michael are close. He would not have any interest in lying to destroy his friend. Is he too a poisonous dog?

Reb                  [falls apart] Oh God, why is this happening? I lose William and Michael in one day. That is too much, I really have nobody left.

Zaki                what are you talking about; you have your brother Zaki. Come on calm down. I promise to take care of you. Here, take this. It’s just a couple of hundred dollars. Do you need more? Well here is another hundred. If you need anything, anything at all. Just let me know.

Reb                  I’ll take this on one condition, you’ll let Michael go back to work in the station until the case is resolved.

Zaki                 Rebecca, are you mad. Michael tried to kill me. Besides, I am responsible for the station now. After the case is over, the attorneys will keep asking me a million questions about all the records and stuff. You know that the day of the mur… I mean the incident. More than $8000 were lost from the station. No one knows anything about how and where this money disappeared. Nobody was at the station except Michael when I walked in there. So you do the math. How can you ask me to return him back there?

Reb                  you know I don’t believe the whole story. I know in my bones, that Michael could not have killed his brother. This is my brother and I know him well. So, whoever killed William is the one who took the money. Most probably he was killed specially to get the money, by someone who stalked him seeing his briefcase and expecting to find some valuables in it.

Zaki                 Rebecca, come on not again.

Reb                  take, here is your money, which is actually my money. Take it, I don’t want it. When the case is over, we shall have another way of resolving this… [Throws the money at him and leaves the room]

Zaki                 [when she is gone] hahaha, who would believe this? I got rid of both of them in one night. I must be a genius.

[He gets out some fruits which he brought and start eating, the door bell rings]

Reb                  [comes to open the door.] you are still here?

Zaki                 you may change your mind.

Reb                  not a chance. I don’t change my mind easy. [Opens the door for Ireeny]

Ireeny              hello Rebecca. What is/ …. [Stops talking when she sees Zaki]

Zaki                 Hola, hola seniora. Such a beautiful day to see such beautiful people.

Ireeny              I am sorry Reb. I thought you were alone. May be I should come some other time.

Zaki                 no way. Where are you going? You are the very person I wanted to talk to today.

Reb                  talk to her about what?

Ireeny              may be some other time. Bye.

Zaki                 no way, sweetheart. We have to talk.

Reb                  stop throwing yourself at people like that. I thought you were about to leave. Right?

Zaki                 Me? I never said I was leaving.

Reb                  yes you said. And it is all for the good, before Michael comes back to find you here. I don’t want any more fuss around here.

Zaki                 that little rat. You think he is going to scare me?

Reb                  sure not, I know you’re the incredible hulk of all the half brains in the world. Just get going to care of your affairs and let’s take care of ours.

Zaki                 [looks at the time] indeed I have an appointment now. Listen Ireeny, as long as you want to leave why don’t I give you a ride on my way?

Reb                  [Ireeny is embarrassed] she is not going to leave me alone. Bye Zaki.

Zaki                 ok, I’ll stop by tomorrow to see if you need anything. [Leaves]

Reb                  oh God, he is a nightmare.

Ireeny              tell me. Michael found some work?

Reb                  he is not back yet and he did not call. My mind is about to explode.

Ireeny              and how about the attorney? Any news.

Reb                  no Ireeny, nothing. With every passing day, hope is gradually being choked in my heart. I don’t know what to do. Michael has a court appearance again in two weeks.  I am going crazy.

Ireeny              calm down my friend, God will never abandon Michael, because he never strayed away from God.

Reb                  but this is really a bad temptation. Very tough, who can survive that?

Ireeny              {Reb cries] Rebecca, God chastises whom he loves. And if we depend on him, we can never fail.

Reb                  William is gone. The youth, the money, the future, everything was gone in a split second, on the whim of a vicious killer. And it does not end there, look at me. I almost… oh, and Michael is being accused of the most horrible kind of crime. We are all finished.

Ireeny              Michael did not kill any body. We all know that.

Reb                  tell that to the judge. The main witness is his own brother, and the second witness is his best friend, what can be more devastating?

Ireeny              I don’t know how Ben, so stupidly slipped this conversation to the cops. I am sure it was a passing misunderstanding between two brothers.

Reb                  nobody wants to believe that now. If it were not for the good man Mr. Paterson. And Peter, William’s attorney, Michael would be still in jail until now.

Ireeny              I don’t know how Zaki refused to make that bail. It is not his money. It is your money as well.

Reb                  it is hard to understand why Zaki is behaving the way he does.

[Noises outside. Michael enters]

Michael           hello sis. Hi Ireeny. [Throws himself onto a chair]

Ireeny              how are you Michael? Are you all right?

Michael           everybody is juggling me to the other. People I thought I knew well are shying away from me. Who wants to know a criminal like me?

Reb                  stop talking like that. Please. Pretty soon all this nightmare shall be lifted and you’ll be back again the most charming bachelor in town.

Ireeny              many times we all go through difficult times which seem to be impossible to handle, and later when the storm subsides, we look back and laugh at ourselves, and how we were so confused and our vision totally blurred.

Michael           I can only see the scorn in people’s eyes. They all forgot the decent and loving Michael who loved everyone and helped everyone, and served everyone. Suddenly. I turned into a monster, a hideous monster. Would you believe it, some people are afraid of me. They grab their children and run away from me.

Reb                  forget about the people, whatever they say or do. You have God on your side. That is all that matters. Come on you need to eat something; food will help you stand up on your feet.

Michael           I don’t feel like eating. I must go to the lawyer.

Reb.                 Would you like me to go with you? May be he would ask about my input in any matter.

Michael           no need to bother you with this. If need be, I’ll let him call you.

Reb                  er… Michael you have to be firm on this. It is getting very bad. We have no money in the house, your account is depleted, and mine is almost gone. Peter must force Zaki to release some of the money to us.

Michael           I am going to tell him either this or close all the stations, until the case is resolved.

Reb                  and I agree to this. Except/

Michael           except what?

Reb                  I… am afraid to see you have to deal with Zaki. It is getting out of hand.

Michael           don’t worry. I know how to handle him. I just hope he does not turn up here and play with your mind and we end up with a bigger disaster.

Reb                  that is how much confidence you have in your sister. I just re/ [stops]

Michael           [looks bewildered] you just what?

[Ireeny and Reb exchange looks]

Michael           [repeats] you just what? What is going on?

Reb                  what time is the lawyer’s appointment?

Michael           what are you hiding? Come on sis. What is it?

Ireeny              why are you so skeptical about every word. There is no time for this now.

Michael           ok, suit yourself. You would not be the only one scared of talking to me. I understand. [Moves away]

Reb                  no it is not like that. The truth is, Zaki was here again earlier.

Michael           Again???? You mean he was here before?

Reb                  yeah, since the … that day. He comes almost every morning. He offered me money several times, and I always refuse.

Michael           why didn’t you tell me before. You should have told me Rebecca. You should have.

Reb                  I knew it would enrage you, like it did now. And I was trying to save you the trouble.

Michael           so what did he want?

Reb                  nothing special. He just wanted to show me that he cares about me.

Michael           so why did you refuse to take the money? If he cares about you….

Reb                  because….he cannot pretend that he is doing me a favor when this is my money and yours as well? Right?

[The phone rings]

Michael           [answers] hello. Oh, hello Mary. Thank God I am still around. Say again? Oh, the lawyer, I am going right now. No, better not. I am sure your parents now are up in arms against me, I cannot believe it? Really. That is mighty nice of him. But this may be a lot of trouble. Honey, I am sorry, but I promise to stop by the school for a few minutes tomorrow. Ok. Me too. Bye. [Hangs up, and then address the girls]  I am afraid I must leave now; I am already too late for Peter. I’ll call you from his office. Bye. [Leaves]

Ireeny              Mary? Who is Mary?

Reb                  that is his friend from school. listen I am going to prep the laundry,  Michael has no clean shirts left. Why don’t you come to help me?

Ireeny              why not? If you shall promise to help with mine too.

Reb                  deal [goes out]

Ireeny              Mary…. ‘I am sure your parents now are up in arms against me” what does that mean. OH Michael…. No…..

Scene VIII

Rebecca going through the laundry, casually when suddenly she finds stacks of money falling from the pocket of Michael. She gradually looks horrified. And runs out screaming.

Scene IX

[Back in the living room where Ireeny is wiping her tears]

Reb                  Ireeny, look. I cannot believe it. Michael. Look all this money.

Ireeny              [shake] what happened Rebecca. What is this?

Reb                  Michael. It’s the money Ireeny, it’s the money.

Ireeny              [makes the sign of the cross] Oh God. No what do you mean it’s the money?

Reb                  [lets the stacks of money fall to the floor] Ireeny, Ireeny [cries]

Ireeny              calm down. You are freaking me. Oh, I have to calm down myself.  Where did you find this, in Michael’s clothes?

Reb                  he was hiding it in his clothes. Thousands, so much money Ireeny. And yet he claimed to have no money at all. Can you believe this? Michael? Do you understand what this means?

Ireeny              let’s calm down please and think. Use your brain. Think.

Reb                  what brain. There is no need for any brains now. It is over. Over.

Ireeny              that’s ridiculous. What is over? It could be planted there by somebody else. Why that’s a very plausible explanation.

Reb                  somebody else? Like who? Nobody comes to visit except you and your brother. Did you plant it there?

Ireeny              why? What about Zaki?

Reb                  Zaki? You are dreaming. He would not part with this much money even if you put a gun to his head. Let alone give the money to Michael.

Ireeny              you fool. He may have put it there to tighten the noose around Michael.

Reb                  if so, why didn’t he let the cops know, to come and confiscate it. It would put Michael away for good.

Ireeny              Zaki. This guy seems to be extremely dangerous. Indeed if he had put the money there he would immediately, notify the police to come and confirm the find, he didn’t have to say his name.

Reb                  and also, the lost amount is more than $8000.  This is only about 2-3 thousand dollars.

Ireeny              assuming that Michael spent the rest.

Reb                  so why didn’t he make the phone call. Knowing that there would be a chance that Michael would find the money himself. Or I find them like I did now.

Ireeny              the money would show up either way.

Reb                  so what would he accomplish? Besides if Zaki put the money there, then it means he is the beneficiary of dragging Michael into this. That is to say that he is the killer, while we all know that he is the one who caught Michael in the act, by Michael’s own admission.

Ireeny              there is no other alternative, the only one who comes in and has free access to the whole house is Zaki.

Reb                  No. there is another alternative [cries] Michael, why Michael. [Then she stops] wait, there is another possibility. May be someone broke into the house and put the money, the real killer. Someone we don’t know yet. The one who attacked William in his office.

Ireeny              then we are back to ask why didn’t he call the cops right away?

Reb                  so we are left with one person. The only person I would trust above the entire world. Oh God, why. Michael…..what do I do?

Ireeny              there is only one thing to do. You must confront Michael

Reb                  are you crazy? What do I say? No no I cannot.

Ireeny              tell him….listen, say …on second thought. There is another way.

Reb                  tell me. What is It.?

Ireeny              hide the money. Don’t say a word. And let’s watch how each of them behaves. Who shall bring up the subject first? Who will ask about it? What do you think?

Reb                  [slowly] yeah, I can do that. [She goes to the picture of William and speaks to him] oh Willy, you spent all your life saving your money and building an empire. Where are you now my brother? Come and see what your money is doing to us.

Scene X

[In the church, Mike is kneeling and praying]

Michael           why my Lord? Why is all this happening to me? Suddenly I feel like a feather in the middle of a raging storm. A storm so fearsome sweeping me off my feet, shaking my faith, and drowning me in an ocean of despair. There seems to be no way out. What did I do? I loved my brother. Now I don’t only have to endure his loss, but also be smeared with the horrible crime of killing him. Lord, you know everything, you see everything. Why did you abandon me? Everybody left me. All those people who said they loved me before, all those who knew me well, and lived with me all our lives. Even my own sister, is turning against me. They all believe this horrible lie. I am about to lose my mind. What are you waiting for, why don’t you come and save me as you promised? But if people change so fast, you never change; I still have hope in your promise. If a mother forgets her baby, you would never forget him. Please don’t leave me go through this alone, I cannot do it alone. If you don’t help me I shall perish. But when you come you can stop the storm. And bring peace back to my heart.


Scene XI

[In the living room, the door bell rings, Mike comes to opens the door]

Michael           hey Ben come in.

Ben                  hey man how are you doing?

Michael           nothing new. Just waiting for whatever comes.

Ben                  don’t worry. Soon everything is going to end and we all get rid of this nightmare. But you have to do your part as well.

Mike               do my part? And what is that? Is there anything I can do now?

Ben                  think, man think. Move you know what and take care of business

Mike               what do you mean?

Ben                  you are not stupid. You are six month away from becoming an accountant. So how can you say, I don’t understand.

Mike               I am trying to find work and that is out of the question. As for studying, there is no way I can focus on any thing. Even my engagement which was supposed to take place after William’s wedding, is now hanging in the air, who wants to marry his daughter to a criminal.

Ben                  listen. I am talking about running away. You hear me running. As in escape. Disappear. Vanish.

Mike               [shocked] you crazy? You must be crazy.

Ben                  don’t look at me like that. As if the idea never crossed your mind.

Mike               you are serious? I cannot believe you said that.

Ben                  ok, you don’t like that one. How about this. Zaki is the only and principal witness against you.

Mike               principal, yes. Only no.

Ben                  you mean me too. But if you talk to your brother and work your way into his heart. Try to draw on his soft spot as a brother, in stead of this confrontational manner of your, he may be able to help you.

Mike               Ben, what are you talking about? Zaki is lying. He is the one who built this whole case against me. I cannot understand how all the circumstances helped him like that. But I know, and he knows that he is dishonest. Why is he trying to hurt me, I have no clue.

Ben                  this is a no brainer, Mr. College boy.

Mike               well to have free control over William’s money.

Ben                  clear and simple. William’s money.

Mike               I never coveted my brother’s money. He worked hard for it.

BEN                Bingo, that is it.

Mike               meaning?

Ben                  Zaki wants nothing but the money, try to talk to him, tell him he can have it all, he would change his own face for that, not just change what he said.

Mike               have it all. Why? Do you know what that means?

Ben                  it’s simple he wants the money; you want your freedom and your life back.

Mike               no. that means an implicit confession that I did what I am accused of. It means I am trying to bribe him into changing his testimony. And …my illustrious friend that puts me further into the palm of his hand.

Ben                  just until the case is over.

Mike               besides, why would Zaki agree to this. When he puts me in prison he still gets total control of the money anyway, you think Rebecca will be able to challenge him. And that without having to change his testimony and getting himself in any trouble with the law. No Ben you are not giving me the right advice. But thanks anyway.

Ben                  my advice is the right advice. You are going to destroy yourself by your arrogance and self righteousness. You know how serious your situation is?

Mike               yes I do.

Ben                  you are only a few days from being locked up. You shall never see the sun again. They may even execute you. Someone in your position would be ready to make a deal with the devil itself.

Mike               [shocked] God forbid. My life is in the hands of my Lord. If he wants me to live I shall live. If he wants me to die, then let me die. There is nothing here on earth for me to live for anymore.

Ben                  please, please. Stop. Enough already. Tell me. Since the murder and till now, how did your faith and your church help you. They all ran away from you, the same people who used to sing your praises, mike the servant, mike the deacon, and mike the saint. Look at you now. Where are all these people?

Mike               these are not your words. These are the words of satan. Ben, please, I am tired. I need some rest.

Ben                  if you are tired now, how are you going to survive in prison among the professional killers and monstrous criminal?

Mike               please …please stop.

Ben                  any way. I did what I can to advise you. The last thing I say to you. Michael leave this place while you still can. Run to another country and start fresh. Prison is no place for a good man especially when that man is innocent.

Mike               [suddenly] true, very true. That means you believe I am innocent.

Ben                  [confused] what does it matter if I am convinced that you are innocent. I am not the court of law.

Mike               good enough for me that you know I am innocent, only you, Ireeny and Mary now believe this. For even Rebecca turned against me.

Ben                  but in court I shall have to say what I saw, this has nothing to do with our friendship.

Mike               I understand. You see what you are saying now. Zaki says the same thing to justify his testimony. Do you think if I tried to bribe you with any money would you change your words? Of course not.

Ben                  Oh Mike, you have a blind heart of gold. You cannot see that in this world every human being has a price.

Mike               [agitated] meaning?

Ben                  I have to go now, I hope to see you tomorrow.

Mike               yeah, try to let me see you before you leave for California.

Ben                  what did you say?

Mike               did I say something wrong?

Ben                  no… no how did you know about California?

Mike               Ireeny told me yesterday. Actually she was telling Rebecca when I overheard it.

Ben                  yeah, I suggested this because you must understand. I cannot continue to work with Zaki now.

Mike               I would not blame you. But why so far away. This move is going to cost you a lot of money.

Ben                  if you take my advice you vanish from here as well.

[Rebecca and Ireeny walk in and greet them]

Ben                  well I have to go now.

Ireeny              running away. I am not going to ask you for money.

Ben                  silly you.

Mike               you seem to have shopped till you dropped.

Ireeny              in fact there are so many sales, it is irresistible.

Mike               [looking at his sister] yeah, but that you can do, if you have the dough. Now if you have no dough, would you borrow to go on a shopping spree?

Reb                  and why should I borrow? Don’t worry. I did not borrow from anybody.

Mike               so where did you get the money to buy all this.

Reb                  I took money from my brother.

Mike               Zaki? Your brother Zaki.

Reb                  yes, Zaki my brother. He is my brother, did you forget that?

Mike               no Rebecca, I did not forget. Yet/

Reb                  yet what?

Mike               I really would like to understand why? Why you have made 180. A complete reversal of your attitude towards me? And so suddenly too?

Reb                  that is me. Call me crazy.

Ireeny              Mike, she did not change. All of us are under tremendous pressure.

Mike               never like this. I know Rebecca only too well. We had a trivial fight the other day because of something stupid. Since then, she had a crisis of sorts. She made it look like a big deal.

Reb                  that was trivial. Heh,

Mike               yes. [To Ireeny] you be the judge. I forgot some important papers in my pants when she took them into the washing machine. Instead of checking for anything in my pockets, she just dropped them in. she always checks first if I forgot something in my pockets. This time she too forgot. Now when I asked her for the papers, she took exception to that. She screamed and yelled as if it was the end of the world. As if it was my fault.

Reb                  you turned the world upside down that day.

Mike               these were very important papers, and to add to this I was tired and tense and angry only to discover the loss of these papers. And yet later on I apologized to you. The papers were lost and yet I apologized to you. What else can I do?

Ireeny              so what were these papers for.

Reb                  yes ask him what were these papers exactly.

Mike               [hesitatingly] it was my wallet. All the papers in my wallet, driver’s license, telephone numbers, school IDs, even the key to my locker at school was in my wallet. And most important the picture of Mary. What do I tell her if she finds out?

Ireeny              [shocked] picture of Mary.

Mike               [does not notice the change in her voice] yes, can you imagine my situation now?

Reb                  you may have forgotten the wallet someplace. That is no reason to fight with me like that.

Mike               I said I was tired, I was sorry. Ok

Reb                  yes yes yes. Sorry, wipes out everything.

[Phone rings]

Mike               [on the phone] yes. Oh honey. Yes yes, I met him. Now? Sure, ok, I’ll be on my way. Bye. [To them] I shall have to go meet another lawyer, a friend of Mary’s father. Excuse Me. now. [leaves in a rush]

Reb                  you see? I told you.

Ireeny              [not listening] it seems that mike and Mary are very close.

Reb                  [scornfully] yes, they were to be engaged after William’s wedding. So that they would get married after his graduation from school… who knows may be he did all these things for her sake.

Ireeny              engaged? To be married?

Reb                  Ireeny, I am sorry. I know your feelings for Mike, but if I were in your place, I wouldn’t think about him one more minute, all things considered. Listen, I shall leave for a few minutes to put these things inside and prepare some food. You can watch some TV. Or come to help me.

Ireeny              [alone] oh God. I feel like I am choking, I cannot breathe. Mike, he was all I hoped for in life. Why do I see my world crashing down before my eyes? He does not even notice my existence. He only thinks of Mary. He fought with the only person on his side, his sister merely because he lost her picture. Oh I must hate him hate him………………… I cannot hate him. If I do, it would mean I never loved him. Oh God, please help me. I never felt that much pain and agony. I have no reason to live anymore.  I cannot live in this kind of pain. Oh God you could have changed all this. You could have answered my prayers, and given me the one wish I ever asked for. I did not ask for riches, I did not ask for anything wrong. And nothing is difficult to you….. Why why why.oh, please forgive me, now I don’t want any thing, now I must die, I must. I shall go jump off a bridge, yeah. Oh but I may get scared and back off. There must be an easier way.  A knife. Yes? No too much blood. No. oh, look here, [she finds the container of pills] the sleeping pills. Yeah. I can go to sleep and never come back to this horrible life again. [She opens the container gets the pills out when the echo of the voice of JESUS comes on] FOR YOUR SAKE I HAVE BORNE REPROACH, SHAME HAS COVERED MY FACE “PSALM 69:7” …………..[ SHE DROPS THE WATER AND THE PILLS]  …………….OH MY Lord please forgive me. I seem to have lost my mind. Your love for me is greater than any love of a human being. But you see that I am so weak. Please help me. Let me learn from your sacrifice and your great love, how I should pray for him and beg you to make him happy, for that is the real meaning of love. ………… [then the voice comes again] greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends] john 15:13

Scene XII

[Same living room. Rebecca on the phone]


Reb                  I am not going to repeat it again. Don’t stay alone at home. I don’t want to stay alone either. Tomorrow we have to go to court, and I am so scared Ireeny. Listen you have half an hour. Or else I’ll come over to your house. Oh, somebody at the door [door bell rings] ok I am waiting for you.

[She opens the door for Zaki to enter.]

Zaki                 any news?

Reb                  you should have the news. Did you meet Peter yesterday?

Zaki                 it does not look good.

Reb                  what happened? Tell me. Speak, he could not get more time.

Zaki                 time? It gets far worse. Why, your little brother did not tell you?

Reb                  Mike told me nothing, what is happening?

Zaki                 the cops discovered that he was hiding some of the money and some important papers in his locker at school.

Reb                  what. His locker. Money. Explain .. tell me.

Zaki                 you need an explanation for this. The cops are investigating every little shred of evidence. They got a search warrant, and checked his locker; they found thousands of dollars there together with some of William’s documents.

Reb                  that is why they called mike yesterday. Strange he didn’t say anything. But then how did they let him go again.

Zaki                 it is over for him, and to think that he was playing the religious saint of the twentieth century

Reb                  but how can this happen. How could he hide these things in the locker?

Zaki                 he had to hide it some place. Either home or school. Where else can he hide it?

Reb                  there are many places where he could have hidden it. I cannot believe Mike would be so stupid.

Zaki                 he is not just stupid. He is an idiot. Was it any more believable that he would kill his brother. Yet he did.

Reb                  that is why he was so mad when the wallet got lost. With the locker key. He knew he had these things there. But/ ……

Zaki                 yes. But what?

Reb                  I don’t know if I should tell you.

Zaki                 after all this, you still don’t trust Me.?

Reb                  Mike made a big fuss when he found out that his locker key was lost. I don’t know how it happened, even though I looked into his pockets as I usually do. Instead, I found a lot of money.

Zaki                 what do you mean a lot?

Reb                  about $1000.

Zaki                 and yet you kept this hush hush. Why didn’t you notify the police? Now you might be considered an accessory to murder.

Reb                  accessory. Are you crazy? I was not sure of… I mean. …. There is something wrong about this.

Zaki                 what is wrong? Nothing is wrong. It is as clear as the blue sky. He must be moving the money from the house to the locker. He couldn’t put it in a bank. Wake up sis.

Reb                  but this way he runs twice as much the risk of being exposed? Any body with a little brain would keep the money farthest from the house or the school. He just cannot be so stupid.

Zaki                 would a smart guy kill his brother the way he did? He is that kind of person. He really deserves everything coming to him.

Reb                  Zaki     think with me. I am beginning to feel that there is something seriously wrong. Mike is not stupid. I know my brother.

Zaki                 who knows the workings of the criminal mind? Did you ask him about this? Did you confront him?

Reb                  of course not. Oh, no I smell the food burning. Excuse me. [She leaves]

Zaki                 the mouse is in the trap. And tomorrow, the trap….snaps shut. But there is one little detail. That clown who keeps sending me messages, and calls me everyday. I had to give him $5000 so far. I must get rid of him.

[The phone rings]

Zaki                 [answers] hello, yes Jimmy, what happened. Why did you do this you idiot. Anybody calls you just give him all my numbers, are you crazy. So he didn’t say who he was or what he wanted? Go jump off a cliff you idiot. [Hangs up mad]

[Zaki pacing the floor until the phone rings again]

Zaki                 why are you chasing me here? You should stay away from here. ….listen, we shall meet tonight. Yes don’t worry. You’ll get what you want. Just don’t call here again, this phone may be tapped, it’s the killer’s phone, why do you think they let him out, to monitor him. Nine o’clock. Yes .at the East Brunswick station. I must go. [Hangs up]

Reb                  [enters] who was that?

Zaki                 our smart friend Jimmy is transferring the calls here? I am dealing with dim-wits. This entire staff has to be replaced, listen, do you need anything today?

Reb                  No Zaki, thank you. Only please try to get Peter to do everything he can to get us more time. It is only fair, with all these developments and surprises.

Zaki                 I’ll try. I am going to see you tomorrow in court. Ok. [Leaves]

Reb                  Ireeny is very late. [She dials the phone] no answer. She must be on her way.

Scene XIII

[Mike walks into the living room]

Mike               so that is the end. After all the struggle, the studying, the hard work and The long sleepless nights. Why was I doing all that? What future, and what Hopes and dreams. It is all gone down the drain. God forgive you William, You struggled all your life, and at the end we both are lost.

Reb                  [Enters] I heard that.

Mike               did I say anything wrong?

Reb                  you? You never say anything wrong. You fast and pray and go to church, You know exactly what to say and do. But you don’t fool me any more my  Brother.

Mike               where are you going?

Reb                  none of your business. [Leaves]

Mike               yeah, I fast and pray and go to church. It is like Benjamin says, in prison You cannot fast nor pray [he laughs until his laughter turn into tears] my God, why have you forgotten me. How long shall my enemy prevail Against me? You promised to help everyone who depends on you.

[Outside voices]

Ireeny              I said no, no means no.

Ben                  strange, the front door is not locked. (walks into the house with sis.)

Mike               may be Rebecca forgot to lock it.

Ben                  any news man?

Mike               nothing.

Ben                  come on. So what happened at school last night?

Mike               how did you know about that?

Ben                  Zaki didn’t stop talking about it to everyone.

Mike               and just how did Zaki know.

Ben                  search me. I guess the walls have ears. You think you can hide something Like that.

Ireeny              is this true Mike?

Ben                  the question is what does it mean?

Ireeny              Mike please say something.

Mike               please. I cannot talk, I cannot think. I am completely drained. Just leave me alone. Please, please.

Ireeny              [short silence] I am sorry, I don’t mean to bother you.

Ben                  why, let’s go. Give him some space.

Ireeny              [look angry at her brother] Mike. Would you like lemonade? Or a cup of tea. … No no, I’ll get it for you.

Mike               No thanks Ireeny. I am sorry. I don’t mean to snap at you. Like this. I really don’t know what to do? I am totally gone. Finished. I have to do so many errands for tomorrow, and yet I cannot do any of it.

Ireeny              Benjamin will go with you.

Ben                  [snaps] if I have the time to help you.

Mike               are you serious? My hands are shaking, and I am a total wreck, I cannot drive like this. Will you come with me to the lawyer? He has some instructions for me regarding tomorrow.

Ben                  I don’t mind. It is a quarter to seven. When is the appointment?

Mike               at eight thirty.

Ben                  8:30. This means we can be done by at least 9:30.

Mike               I don’t think it would take more than an hour.

Ben                  can you change that to start at 9:30.

Mike               the man is completely booked. He squeezed me into this appointment because tomorrow is the court appearance.

Ben                  you see I have a very important appointment at 9 o’clock. And that I cannot change.

Ireeny              there is nothing more important than this.

Mike               no Ireeny; he is not obligated to come with me. Thanks anyway for your offer to help.

Ben                  it is not just a gesture of help. I really mean to help but I cannot change this appointment. It is that important to me.

Ireeny              this is nonsense. You can go half an hour late to your appointment. This is very serious Ben.

Mike               come on Ireeny. I was going alone anyway. I’ll manage.

[The door bell rings, Ireeny opens to let Zaki in]

Ireeny              You?????

Mike               is that Rebecca? Sheeeeee. [Shocked to see Zaki]

Zaki                 best surprise. Right?

Mike               what do you want?

Zaki                 hello Saint Michael. Or is it the deacon Michael? Is this how you saints welcome your brothers?

Mike               I asked you a question? What do you want?

Zaki                 don’t they teach you at Sunday school. Love your enemies, bless those who spit on you, and do good to those who hate you… did I get it right?

Ben                  [roars laughing] I cannot believe it, you know these things Zaki.

Zaki                 of course. I know everything.

Mike               you do have the audacity to come here now. Why don’t you leave us alone?

Zaki                 I come when I want. You think you can stop me, just because you threatened to knife me like you did your brother.

Mike               listen, my brother, I am already having a noose around my neck. One murder is just as bad as two. This time I may indeed commit a crime. So better go, just get out.

Zaki                 another threat to kill me. Before witnesses. That’s not going to sit well with the jury.

Ireeny              I wish to understand why you came now.

Zaki                 fact is I forgot to say something to Rebecca. Well, where is Rebecca?

Ben                  she left a while ago.

Mike               you hear that? Now you too must go?

Zaki                 see Ireeny, I am so patient with this little clown, for if I lose my temper I am going to give him real pain.

Mike               patient my foot. Get out now. [Gets up to fight with him, so Zaki grabs his arm strongly and twist it]

Zaki                 you are nothing but a clown, I can crush you like a twig, if I want.

[Ben separate them and takes Mike inside out of sight.]

Ben                  come on are you all crazy. Come with me [out]

Zaki                 well. It is now a matter of a few hours. We shall see how all this valiant prince charming, will do in court. They’ll throw him in prison like a dog.

Ireeny              one would not believe you are talking about your flesh and blood.

Zaki                 flesh and blood. He is a murderer. And a thief. He destroyed the honor of the whole family, all the time hiding behind a mask of false holiness and purity. Indeed this world is not what it appears to be.

Ireeny              I couldn’t agree with you more. There are people who love others, and those who hate others, and even those who judge others, and all is based on mere appearances. No one knows what’s really inside our hearts except God himself.

Zaki                 you said it. Just because I am a poor man, I did not study too much, and I did not have enough money to buy expensive clothes, everybody hated and despised me. While this little clown who had it all given to him on a golden platter, they were all fascinated by him.

Ireeny              yes Zaki, this little clown, that fool, who never gambled or gone to a casino. Who never got drunk, or touched a cigarette. This fool who would not know what cocaine looks like. Yes indeed, he fooled everyone into thinking that he is a good man???

Zaki                 I did not know you are one of his fans. Anyway, tomorrow the whole world shall know who’s good and who’s bad. As for me, tonight, at exactly nine o’clock all my problems are going to end, as I crush the last insect standing in my way. Your little hero will just begin his trip to hell.

Ireeny              I thought people like you have no problems.

Zaki                 you are right. After nine o’clock to night I shall have no problems.

Ireeny              what is going to happen at nine o’clock?

Zaki                 I’ll squash an insect.

Ireeny              a competitor. A challenger or another rival?

Zaki                 high stakes gambling. But I have the winning card.

Ireeny              watch out. You may be trying to bite a rattlesnake.

Reb                  [walks in] you are here. I went all the way to your house.

Ireeny              I am sorry. What happened? Why?

Reb                  Zaki? You said I shall see you tomorrow? What ….? Where is Mike?

Ireeny              Mike is inside with Ben.

Zaki                 I had to talk to you. Something important.

Reb                  so? Talk. What is it?

Ireeny              I am going to make coffee. [Leaves]

Scene XIV

[Rebecca agitated, while Ireeny, bringing coffee.]

Reb                  an accomplice? This is terrible? (Zaki stop talking when Reb. Enters)

Ireeny              I had to interrupt, sorry you took too long. Mike is ready to go to the lawyer. Oh, what is wrong Rebecca? You look frightened?

Zaki                 what time should he go?

Reb                  9:30

Ireeny              No, Rebecca. It is 8:30. What have you done to her?

Zaki                 this is family matter. It is now five to eight; I have to go now to relieve Jimmy.

Reb                  wait, wait a minute, Ireeny knows everything anyway.

Zaki                 [roars] what. Are you mad? How could you/

Reb                  Zaki says/

Zaki                 this should stay confidential.

Reb                  it was Ireeny who took the money.

Zaki                 [shocked] what? Why did you give it to her?

Ireeny              what money? You mean …

Reb                  yes… yes.

Ireeny              the money is in the bank Zaki. Here comes Mike

Mike               [enters with Ben] you are still here? Well, I see you already met Rebecca, so what else are you waiting for?

Zaki                 nothing. Nothing from you. [Looks mad at Ireeny, then leaves without greeting any one]

Ben                  what is the matter? You girls have made him real mad?

Ireeny              Rebecca too, I think he was loading her mind with some filthy poison.

Mike               he comes everyday to do just that. Fill her mind with lies.

Reb                  fact is I am totally confused, I don’t know who to believe? But at least tonight…..

Ireeny              yes, tonight what?

Reb                  I should spend the night in a hotel.

Ben                  Hotel? Why.

Mike               [sarcastically] of course. A suggestion that can only come from one source. You see, I think that’s a good idea.

Ireeny              that is nonsense. Did everybody go mad?

Ben                  but this guy is stupid. You have been staying with your brother all this time. Why come now with this flaky idea.

Ireeny              Rebecca, you told him about the money, too.

Reb                  it was in the course of the conversation, I had to… I didn’t tell him the real amount

Ireeny              don’t look at Mike, just go ahead and tell him about it as well, you know it is only fair.

Mike               tell me about what? Are you talking about the money in the school again?

Ireeny              [after a short silence] no, you’ll tell him or you want me to tell him.

Reb                  I’ll do. I’ll tell him. Listen, Mike I found the money you were hiding in your pants with your wallet and the locker key. now don’t pretend that you had nothing to do with it. Because you almost killed me when you found it all gone. Didn’t you.

Mike               money. In my pants. There must have been a few dollars with the wallet, but that’s not what upset me. I told you I lost…../

Ireeny              Mike, this was not a matter of a few dollars. We took it and hid it away to see if you would come looking for it. And that’s what happened.

Mike.              I never looked for any money. I lost my wallet and / wait a minute. What kind of money are you talking about?

Ben                  was it a lot of money?

Reb                  $3000… quite a chunk of change.

Ben                  why didn’t you ask him right away about it?

Reb                  of course, he would do exactly like he is doing now, play the poor innocent fool. Otherwise, here we are, let him explain.

Mike               Oh God. That’s impossible. I cannot believe this. NO NO No.

Reb                  what is impossible. Your mask has finally come off, and you are exposed.

Mike               the mask has finally fallen off. The cloud which was hanging over my brain is gradually dissipating.

[The phone rings, Reb answers]

Reb                  hello, yes. He is here. [Gives the phone to Mike]

Mike               hello. Yes, I am …. Well it is ok. THANKS. [Hangs up] this was the lawyer’s office. It turns out the appointment is 9:30 and not 8:30 when you finish with your business you can come with me if you like Ben.

Ben                  sure, of course… oooooh, I have to run now for my appointment. Ireeny try to go home early please.

Reb                  I am going to prepare some clothes to take with me to the Hotel. [Leaves]

Mike               you cannot be too careful sis, who wants to risk staying around a murderer in his last few hours of freedom.

Ireeny              should you talk like that? As if they already tried the case, found you guilty and put you in prison.

Mike               Rebecca sure thinks that way now. Though I tell you … the truth sometimes is staring us in the eye and we can hardly see it.

Ireeny              what do you mean? Please explain.

Mike               who is going to believe me now? I can hardly believe it myself.

Ireeny              try me. Please Mike.

Mike               Rebecca says she found money, lots of money in my pants, at the same time I discovered the loss of my keys and wallet from the same pants.

Ireeny              if you did not put the money there, then the person who put them is the same one who picked up the wallet and the keys.

Mike               exactly. So he tightened the noose around my neck and gave himself another opportunity to do further damage, by putting another amount in my locker.

Ireeny              but he could have tipped the cops when he put the money in your pants.

[Rebecca approaches, they don’t see her, she eavesdrop]

Mike               at home only few people are around. The informant would be easily identified. But at school, there are so many people no one knows what any other is doing unless he is being deliberately watched.

Ireeny              it makes some sense. But that does not bring us any closer to the truth Mike.

Mike               on the contrary. Unfortunately, it gets us straight to it.

Ireeny              unfortunately?

Mike               yeah. Because the truth was blinding me.  I just did not want to believe it.

Ireeny              stop running around. Tell me, what it is.

Mike               it is like this. Because it is impossible for me to hurt my brother, I figured it would be impossible for any body to do the same.

Ireeny              [shrieks back] you mean…..

Mike               My mind kept nagging me. But I cut off that thought from its root. I always convinced my self it was an intruder, a stalker, a car jacker who followed William after he parked his car. But…..

Reb                  [reveals herself] if you are trying to cast the blame on Zaki, it will be a filthy attempt to save your skin at the expense of your brother. He was the one who caught you.

Mike               yes, it would appear so mean of me to try that sis.

Ireeny              wait, Rebecca. Zaki was the closest person we know to the crime scene, Next to Mike.  He claimed to have an appointment with William who asked for his help with his new project in New York.

Mike               try to ask William for the truth of this statement. I stood between them that morning to keep them from hurting one another.

Ireeny              But mike. This is horrible. Zaki planned all this? It is not just a mistake. It was premeditated.

Mike               who knows? But he had to have been there before I arrived. Then later he ran away, saw me coming, or knew I was going to work that night. So he waited till I saw William on the floor, and then jumped to give the impression that he just arrived… Waite… I remember….

Ireeny              what? Speak up.

Mike               the first thing Zaki tried to do is to convince me to run away. He did not even try to examine William to see if he was really dead, like I did.

Ireeny              now if you had taken his advice and ran away, it would be an implicit confession.

Reb                  wait. If we are exploring all possibilities, then there was another person who could have come into the house and planted the money into your pants.

Ireeny              you mean Benjamin, my brother.

Reb                  we are trying all avenues here, right?

Ireeny              all right. Ben said that William asked him to go buy a sandwich for him, so he took William’s car to the deli had the sandwich and by the time he returned back, the police was already there.

Mike               stop. Say those words again. “He took William’s car to the deli”

Ireeny              yes, so what?

Mike               but I saw William’s car at the station when I arrived. I was surprised it was parked in front of the repair shop instead of its usual place next to the office.

Ireeny              are you sure?

Mike               positive.

Reb                  so Benjamin was back from the deli much earlier. Even before you arrived.

Ireeny              may be he did not use the car; he may have changed his mind.

Mike               I am sure the cops must have asked him about that. But let us suppose for the sake of argument that he did, and he returned early enough to seeeeeee.

[They all look shocked]

Ireeny              no. this is horrible. No.

Reb                  either Ben and Zaki are doing this together, or one has done it and the other is covering him for some reason.

Ireeny              we have to move to California next week. I cannot see how my brother would get himself involved into this?

Mike               may be he did not/

Ireeny              there is no time now for guessing. We have to work on a worst case scenario.

Mike               we have to consider all possibilities.

Ireeny              so we have to confront both Zaki, and Benjamin.

Reb                  not Zaki [shivering] he said something very scary to me tonight.

Ireeny              what did he say?

Reb                  he said the killer who killed once will find it easier to kill a second time.

Ireeny              he said that? Of course, he was ref…… [Screams a short scream]

Reb                  Lord have mercy. What happened?

Ireeny              what…. What time is it?

Mike               it is five to nine. Why, oh my app/

Ireeny              [cut him off] Zaki said tonight at nine he will crush the last insect standing in his way.

Mike               nine o’clock. What the….. Benjamin, at nine o’clock. Oh God.

Reb                  Michael… do something…. Michael.

Mike               let me think. I don’t know where to find them.

Ireeny              Zaki said he was going to relieve Jimmy at the station.

Mike               [grabbing his jacket] I’ll try there first. You call the cops.

Reb                  don’t go alone. Don’t…Michael. [He is gone]

Ireeny              Rebecca, the first time Mike was alone with him, there were no witnesses. This time he will surly kill him. We must go now.

Reb                  I am too scared.

Ireeny              the lives of both Benjamin and Michael are in our hands, there is no room for self now.

Reb                  I am shaking. Ireeny call the police.

Ireeny              [puts the jacket over her and pulls her] pray, pray that God will protect them and us [picks up the phone]

Scene XV

[At the station in the first scene]

Zaki                 [looks at the clock impatiently pointing to nine] I wonder who that rat is. How did he know anything, to threaten me like this? Well he shall soon enough find out what it means to mess around with Zaki. [A car horn] these people are amazing. I shut off all the lights, yet, they still stop for gas. Go away, no gas tonight. Not here.

Ben                  [enters from the side of the repair shop] well, hello Zaki.

Zaki                 what the…. Hello to you. What brings you now? You are not working tonight.

Ben                  yeah, I just stopped to see Jimmy. Where is he? Why are all the lights out? This is the busiest time of the evening around here.

Zaki                 Jimmy left. It seems some fuse shorted out and cut off the power.

Ben                  it is good that you still have power in the office at least.

Zaki                 how did you get in here.

Ben                  from the repair shop. We always leave that door unlocked, in case of emergency. I wonder why you locked it.

Zaki                 you are questioning me? So how did you get through the locked door?

Ben                  I have the key of course.

Zaki                 you have the…. What is that again? You have the key… oh, you……you have….. The ….. key.

Ben                  well, you seem to be busy, Jimmy is not here, let me try to find him. Bye

Zaki                 wait. Wait a minute. You did not come here to see Jimmy. [Blocks his way]

Ben                  what do you mean?

Zaki                 you came here to meet somebody, at nine o’clock. [Silence] well, now you are here, the person you came to meet is here. But you are as scared as mouse in the mouse trap. Right? Don’t try to look around. Nobody is here but us. Now let’s talk.

Ben                  well, I tried everyway I know to avoid clashing with you. So far we can resolve our differences and go on our separate ways, if we fight, we both lose. You know that.

Zaki                 you know me? I am a little baby, I don’t understand riddles. Tell me why I should pay you any money.

Ben                  there is no time for dancing around. I have every little detail of the night you killed William, already recorded. In addition to our little meeting tonight. It is in a sealed envelope address to my sister, I already mailed the envelope.

Zaki                 so how do you plan to stop it from reaching her.

Ben                  I will stop it. Don’t worry.

Zaki                 you bet I worry. All cards are on the table, my dear gambler.

Ben                  the letter will go first to Ireeny, she will be instructed to give the contents  to Michael’s lawyer….

Zaki                 so you saw what happened. So why didn’t you squeal on like the rat you are. Don’t you want to save your best friend?

Ben                  let’s look at it this way. What if I really arrived late and saw nothing. I wouldn’t be able to help him anyway. So what is wrong in getting me a piece of the pie? You rich people, have no idea what it feels to be at the bottom, scraping for a crust to eat. And I tried to tell him, go… run… disappear…. He wouldn’t listen. He is so stubborn, the fool.

Zaki                 me? Rich people. You are right. Now I am. I am rich people. And you should have stayed at the bottom where you belong, for in stead now you shall have to go even further below. Below ground that is.

Ben                  you cannot get away with this? I told you.

Zaki                 no little mouse. I didn’t tell you. For after I have finished you, your dear sister shall get a phone call, that you need her help urgently, she shall be told to bring Michael and rush here, like the stupid idiot she is, she will comply and come over to find you dead and that is when I tip off the cops to come and catch your friend … again. This time guilty of three crimes .. there will be no way out. He shall be good for a lethal injection. In which case by the way, no one shall be around to get your recording… but me.

Ben                  don’t laugh so much, you may get a headache. You really underestimate the intelligence of everyone else..

Zaki                 so you think your sister is smart.. ?Ireeny… You know you just reminded me. I kind of like her. May be she and I shall have to do business together.

Ben                  you are a mean creature. Don’t you dare threaten my sister. I would kill you for that.

Zaki                 [takes out the knife] Michael’s favorite weapon. So, come show me how you’ll kill me.

[They dance around each other]

Zaki                 you are not going to run like William… you think you really can take me.

[They struggle, they fall on the ground and roll, Mike enters out of breath.]

Mike               Zaki…. Stop. Zaki… the cops are on their way.

Zaki                 [still on the ground, Benjamin is bleeding and moaning] YOU ?. How did you?  How come you …..?

Mike               throw the knife away and move away from him. They’ll be here any minute now.

Zaki                 [stands up and approach him] so I have to finish you both before they come.

Mike               [grabs a large metal object to defend himself] I may end up committing a crime for real. Don’t make me……

Zaki                 [pulls Benjamin up and shields himself with his weak body] hit me as you wish it will only confirm your guilt.

Police officer  [appears at the door.] drop your weapons and move away from it.

Zaki                 I cannot believe this. Everything was going fine.

Cop                 I repeat… move away.

Zaki                 I was defending /

Cop                 you better shut up. You have the right to remain silent. Any thing you say can be used against you in a court of law.

[Cop cuffs him and takes him out. The medics, put Benjamin on a stretcher to take him out on the way out, Mike speaks to his brother]

Mike               Zaki, you are still my brother, every one makes mistakes big or small, we all do wrong. I forgive you, and I shall hire the best lawyer I find to help you.

Benjamin        Mike   …I am sorry… I wish I die. I am really sorry.

Mike               don’t say anything. You’ll be all right.

[Ireeny and Rebecca rush in]

Ireeny              Benjamin…. Benjamin, my brother…. Oh Benjamin. [She go out with medic]

Rebecca          you are OK.

Mike               if the Lord had not been on our side, when men attacked us, then they would have swallowed us up alive. Blessed be the Lord who has not let us be a prey to their teeth, the snare was broken, and we were saved.

Final curtain.