Strangers at the door..

The Parable of “The Richman and Lazarus” is famous among Christians and non Christians alike. Most people understand the significance of this parable and the many essential principles it reveals. We can spend many hours going through the various elements of this one story, however, there is a minor observation which seems to escape the notice of almost everybody, and that is the expected kind of help the rich man was supposed to afford Lazarus. The Parable does not tell us that Lazarus was a “stranger” or that he travelled many miles to sit at the door of the rich man. It is an implicit fact in the story that the rich man already “knew” Lazarus and “chose” to ignore him and lend no help to him. He was expected to provide him with some food, clothes and may be some medical treatment for his wounds, but there was no expectation to take him into his house and let him share in his belongings, or the inheritance of his children… (Luke 16:19)

It is also clear from the other parable – usually mentioned by the libtards – “the good Samaritan” that the good man took the stranger to an “INN” and not to his own house… a fact always absent from any discussion about charity.. as usually “religious pretenders” tend to push ideals, of which they have very little understanding. (Luke 10:33)

This is also further emphasized, in the parable of the “Wedding Robe” – Mathew 22:12. Where everybody was “invited” to come into the wedding, yet the person who was found without the “Wedding garment” was kicked out and punished severely. It was asserted that “Many” are invited, yet “A few” were “chosen” … i.e. those who would be wearing the proper attire.

It is amazing how libtards – those dimwitted liberals – suddenly discover religion when it is expedient for their purposes, without the remotest understanding of the original intent or purpose of the text. Now when it comes to the issue of immigration, they try to talk to us about compassion and charity when in fact all their basic dogmas are decidedly against these same principles since they have kicked religion out of the schools and out of every public establishment they can control. Of course they will consider it “compassionate” when they destroy people’s cars, businesses and homes in the process of promoting their causes.. they will also call it “charitable” when they chase families and public figures out of restaurants, inside elevators and even inside their offices ..

After all these compassionate and charitable acts they demand of us… that we accept and allow “any” and “all” strangers who try to rush through our borders, into the country with open arms ..!! it is like asking you and me to let into our houses a homeless stranger just because he or she chose to travel from the next town and camp outside our door? you know what happens after that.. the same person will demand to take up your son’s room.. afterwards, the same will demand to use the kitchen and the pantry.. and the garage.. and the car… and even your bank account. There shall be no end to what they want to “take” and call it “sharing”.. ??!!

Just keep in mind that those libtards demand you and me to do that, while they erect high walls and security systems with armed guards around their own places to stop the same “sharing” from happening to themselves.

So, before you rush to agree with their “Gospel” preaching to us about charity and compassion, let us demand of them to allow “The gospel” into our schools and public institutions .. and after that.. the teachings of the same “Gospel” will guide everyone to the real CHARITY AND COMPASSION.

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