An army of one

Do you realize that you are an army of one..?

If you have a strong conviction of a certain principle, you can go out there and convince another person of your ideas… and when you have convinced that person, he too can go out and convince a third person and so on and so forth.. eventually you may end up spreading your idea to the whole world…

Unfortunately, this same concept also applies to evil ideas.. another person with a wicked plan can go out and do the same.. thereby, spreading his wickedness far and wide..

What is more disturbing, is that wicked ideas are much more easily disseminated and spread than good principles. That is why those of us with good ideas and beliefs have to work twice as hard to convince others of our principles.. and more often than not we are going to meet with discouragement and failure.. But that should not lead to despair.. we cannot afford to lose faith and stop trying. Sooner or later, we are going to catch a break and find the right person who will respond positively and listen. And when we have delivered the good message, convincingly, we shall be on our way to eventual success.

We have to remember as well that even though each of us is an army of one, we also have a secret advocate who is constantly directing and supporting us in a manner the other side does not enjoy.. we have The Holy Spirit on our side. With perseverance and patience, you can reach goals previously thought to be unreachable .. in the mean time, it all depends on the original basic factor .. that you firmly believe in the idea you are promoting.. because any wavering, doubt, or hesitation on your part, will uproot the whole project from the start..

So, let me ask you… Do you have a good idea? something to benefit other people or improve their lives ?

What are you waiting for ???

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