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You have a safe deposit box in the bank? You keep all your valuables in that box. Many people keep a lot of cash in it too. You are confident that it is safe from theft, fire or any kind of loss. Each time you add a new lump of cash or piece of jewelry, you feel a secret kind of pleasure deep inside… a level of comfort and security… yet there are those difficult times which call for difficult decisions … meaning… you have to make a withdrawal … you do it begrudgingly and you try to minimize the damage as much as possible. In the final analysis, you know that the best strategy is to maximize the deposits and minimize the withdrawals…

               Bank safe deposit boxes are expensive, and you must fill up some paper work and fulfill certain criteria to be allowed to keep one. Yet a few of us know that we already have a free safe deposit box which is set to have each person’s name whether we like it or not. And the account is automatically computerized in a very accurate manner. Deposits and withdrawals are made without you even being aware of it. The amazing thing is that your deposits also earn interest…

How are deposits made? Well, every time you share a sandwich with another person, you are making a deposit. If you hand a drink to a thirsty poor person, you are making a deposit. Can you imagine how much wealth you can amass if you extend your activity to help a sick person or tutor a needy student who cannot pay you back … there is no limit to what you can do to build up your account. There is an endless number of needy people around you…  many people need love, caring and all kinds of help on this earth… a fact which you can use easily to your advantage…

               Unfortunately, withdrawals from this box are also easily made automatically. Every time you make a deposit and then go around talking about it, it is immediately erased from the account. The worst you can do is make a deposit … and go brag about it to the very person who was the beneficiary of your deposit… this does not only erase the deposit, but it also adds penalty to your account, and this kind of penalties is really hefty… If this is a habit of yours, to remind everyone of all the things you have done for them… I am afraid, you may be shocked to learn , only too late, that you shall end up with an overdrawn account, loaded with hefty additional penalties

You may say, I have an excuse for all these withdrawals … however, just like the bank has rules for its safe boxes, these free deposit boxes have one golden rule … no excuses accepted… none at all…

   You shall say, I am easily provoked, that is my bad nature … sorry not accepted.

   You can say, those people betrayed me… I had to remind them, again, not accepted

   What about … they forgot all the sacrifices I made for them… not accepted.

No excuse can be good enough… so you better find a strategy to keep your account in good standing before all the wonderful deposits you labored for all your life, become depleted and you lose everything.

You may ask, OK, I understand the withdrawal, yet why are these hefty penalties imposed?

The answer is simple, because all your deposits were never possible to make without the help of the bank master … bragging about it, you actually try to take all the credit to yourself, and denying the fact that on your own, you would not be able to make a single deposit.

The only piece of advice anyone can give you is this… lose the key … yes … lose the key to your free safe deposit box, so that you cannot make any withdrawals… what key you ask ??

The key is your memory … once you make your deposit, erase it from your memory banks… it is like it never happened. This way you can guarantee that it shall not be withdrawn in a silly moment of weakness.

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