Doctors, Please stop being stupid


I used to fight with my children to convince them how getting a good education is  essential to their life and well being. Now that they have become doctors, engineers and scientists .. I am no longer sure of the validity of my own earlier argument !!

I was recently lambasted by a highly educated lady when I made the fatal mistake of offering her an unsolicited advice to check the history of the issue we were discussing – the conflicts in the middle east – and its relevance to the status of the Christian  community under the current state of affairs. “stop talking down to me, I have a BA in political science, a degree in Theology …” she said, and went on to list her illustrious collection of degrees in a long diatribe… seriously?  It is painful to hear a person, highly educated in a complicated field of science, talking about the modern day Palestinians as if they were the same philistines mentioned in the Bible.

A simple check about the ancient philistines, the Minoans, and the sea people of old could help you understand the facts, when put together with more recent Arab invasions of the lands north to the Arabian peninsula… the conflict in the Holy Land predates Abraham himself… besides, nobody in his right mind would advocate the killing of children on either side of any conflict… and by the way nobody should advocate killing men or women either… yet the realities of war are such that all kinds of killing would happen, lamentable as it may be.

            When you see a well rounded “scientist” claiming that his research has proved that the earth is only 6000 years old, you should cringe. All good intentions aside, such talk, intended to support the Bible or give the appearance of neutrality to both sides of an argument, and compassion to a group seeming to be beleaguered, in fact reveals a very sad fact… some highly educated people are so good in a certain field, but are painfully and embarrassingly ignorant about history. I say that, simply because it is inconceivable that an honest intellectual person would try to defend a point of view contradictory to what he or she really believe in, under any circumstances… some global warming advocates being the exception.

After all, A Simple check about the dinosaur skeletons exhibited in many museums, may help you consider whether these beasts were contemporary to Adam, Abraham, Moses Or any other Homo sapiens?  When several disciplines of study like Archeology, Paleontology, History, anthropology and many others come up with similar conclusions to what astronomers and cosmologists have proposed, you have to take stock of the issues and consider it… and then, having gathered all the relevant data, you should take it to the next step of trying to analyze it and reconcile it all together, which is usually the most difficult step.  A great example to bring out here is the crooked theory of evolution. At one point it seemed overwhelmingly dominating the scientific landscape, until enough microbiologists, mathematicians  and biologists together with many other scientists from several other disciplines, took another deeper look at it and revealed the gaping holes in its flimsy fabric.

            Certainly these quick points do not account for all the study an intellectual person should undertake before speaking like a fool. It is one thing when an ignorant, or a half educated person, makes some outlandish scientific claims… it is quite another when a highly educated “doctor” makes such claims. Not only it shows him – or her – as a fool, but it can mislead a lot of unsuspecting community members or listeners. Can you imagine the extent of damage when such “misguided scientists” are given their own TV shows to spread their “scientific fantasies” and present it as if it were scientific facts??

            There was a time when some people were persecuted – or even excommunicated – for claiming that the earth was round or that the earth was rotating around the sun. these historic gaffs still haunt the human consciousness until now. Some people go to extreme measures in order to avoid such pitfalls… they either accept any claim coming out of the mouth of “a scientist” as if it were the absolute truth as long as he says the magic words “research proves …” or they completely block out any consideration of any scientific research as “contradictory to their faith.”

            Recently a famous scientific publication had to withdraw more than 160 “research” articles which had been previously published by some well respected scientists, because they had been proven to been falsified, or drastically inaccurate. Mind you, these articles, at the time of their original publication, were read and accepted by many people worldwide. A discovery of an ancient skull by one archeologist earned him a place in the historic records, only to be refuted and discredited ten years later when another scientist revisited the research and, discovered how the “the great discovery” was a total fraud by an overzealous “scientist” eager to get his name in the annals of history and he did… in a most shameful way… he never realized that history is a very cruel record keeper. Here is another bit of history we are witnessing now in our life time.  We are living in an era when we heard scientists talk about the certainty of how “global cooling would lead to a disastrous new ice age” during the 1980s… only to reverse this in the nineties to “the disastrous global warming” and lately, when “the computer models” defied these predictions of doom, they are now calling it “global climate change” the sad thing is anyone who challenges these assumptions is immediately branded “ignorant or stupid.” did anyone notice that more Politicians than scientists are pushing for these ideas?  And how numerous fraudulent information was implanted in the research of the “hoaxer alarmist scientists” pushing it.. which were exposed by investigative journalists.

then again, “recent earthers” – those who believe in a 6000 years old earth – think that they can prove the validity of the Holy Bible, if they customize their findings to suite what they perceive to be the information in the Holy Book. In the process they undermine the credibility of the very book they are trying to defend. They do not realize that the Bible was not written as scientific or even as a historic document, but as a Divine message to guide humanity on its journey back to heaven. The major problem here is that, if you have faith, you need no proof… if you do not have faith, no proof will be enough. In our current “advanced” generation, you can add “science” as a new religion, and like many religions, it has its own numerous fanatic “believers”, who put blinders around their brains, and follow a one track mind with such rigidity, that it makes them look pitifully stupid.

Listen, History is the best teacher of all. If you are a mathematician or an artist… a physicist or a philosopher, and you don’t know history, you are actually ignorant and you are bound to make unforgivable mistakes… provided, you are an honest person to start with, because there are those also who knowingly promote lies and fraudulent information for their own ulterior motives… after all these scientists need sponsors for their research and in turn, these sponsors have their own agendas… So, Doctors … and scientists … regardless of how many degrees you attach to your name… before you start talking, please check the facts of history … you don’t know how silly you sound when you assume that just because you have a few fantastic sounding rankings, your argument must be automatically accepted as valid and irrefutable.

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